NFT as Guild reward
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Drop NFTs to your greatest supporters and core members, and link immediate utility to your assets with Guild.

Communities can now create and dynamically reward custom soulbound tokens to members based on their onchain and social identities, credentials, and actions, while proving trustworthiness. From creation to curation, all in one place.

Composability at your fingertips

Guild powered NFTs give you a block to build on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Base, BSC, Cronos, Mantle, and Mumbai. Use them as:

  • Rewards to incentivize and recognize member engagement and contribution

  • Requirements for Roles to unlock further access and abilities in the community

Set up your own logic to target your sub-groups or allow the entire community to claim with free entry or payment requirements.

Here are some ideas we could do with this:

  • DIY Passports: Create your own pass for your project or ecosystem to aggregate decentralized and social identities while protecting against Sybils.

  • Achievements: Issue digital badges to recognize accomplishments, participation levels, or special roles in the community.

  • Loyalty: Reward members with unique NFTs as proof of payment or support, providing a sense of ownership and value.

  • Mystery Boxes: Gamify members' journey with mystery NFTs, where they complete quests and challenges to open their boxes with rewarding utilities.

  • Seasonal or Event Tickets: Utilize gated NFTs as tickets for your events, like general admission, reserved seats, or VIP passes.

NFT & Minting Fee

Beyond requirements to claim, the price of NFTs depends on your goals and strategy. Choose between free or monetized. Guild currently takes a nominal minting fee for NFT rewards. Check the different base fees per chains here

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