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How to gate an NFT drop
How to gate an NFT drop
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This guide shows how to gate an NFT by creating a Guild. If you already have a Guild and want to add a new NFT, learn how to add Guild rewards.

1. Navigate to and click 'Create Guild'

You can also start Guild creation here.

2. Choose NFT from platforms

Choose from Discord, Telegram, Google, GitHub, NFT, and X (additional type). Select multiple and we'll generate templates for your Guild based on your selection.

3. Connect wallet

Your address serves as your default ID. Connect address you want as Guild owner.

4. Create NFT

Upload design (jpg, png, or gif), set NFT data, chain, and price (optional). Add payout address you want to receive the funds on, and continue setup.

5. Customize Guild

Set logo, name, and description. Customize appearance, and add contact info where we could reach you.

6. Choose role templates

Your guild consists of roles that the members can satisfy the requirements of to gain access to their rewards. Choose some defaults to get you started.

7. Add rewards to roles

Select rewards for your role holders. You can also go back and add more templates.

8. Edit roles

Edit existing roles or create new ones. Customize them and combine off- and onchain requirements with advanced logic gates.

9. Summon members

Congrats on your new Guild! Drop the link to your members and share your launch on Twitter (I meant on X) to invite your community.

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