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Guild is an automated membership management tool for platform-agnostic communities. With Guild, communities can gate:

  • Discord servers, Telegram groups, GitHub repositories, Google files, forms, points, secret contents and digital claimables like NFTs and POAPs.

All around off- and onchain actions and identities.

Guild offers a modular approach to create unique member journeys and combine all of these platforms, secrets and collectibles into a single Guild. Manage access to rewards based on advanced requirements and grant roles automatically with sophisticated tech.

In Guild terms: access to platforms, abilities and roles are rewards.


Discord is a communication tool, the home of your community. You can create servers for anything, from your friend group chat to a DAO, a group for your product or organization. Most common web3 use-cases:

  • Gating a server with simple "connect wallet" and ”own this NFT” requirements

  • Identifying members' special interests by roles with unique requirements like other projects' NFTs, "follow X on Twitter", or "have a role in X Guild"

  • Protecting servers from bots with requirements like "Discord account older than X", "hold a badge or verifiable credential", or "have X Twitter followers"


Telegram is a lightweight communication tool. You can create groups for anything, from your friend group chat to an announcement channel for your product. Most common web3 use-cases:

  • Gating a group with an NFT

  • Gating a group for Twitter supporters

  • Announcement channel for those with a certain role in Discord


Github is THE platform for developers. Managing access to your Github repositories has never been smoother. Automated contribution workflows, transparent onboarding journeys and more, gated by any combination of requirements.

With the GitHub integration, we can now build automated permissions for contributors. You can either take signals from organizations you respect or create layers yourself, opening up core repos once contributions have been made on easier levels.

Github also works as a Guild requirement type. It's not only a platform you can gate, but also serves as key to access other rewards. Grow your circle of developers and layer your community based on starring repos.

Google Workspaces

Google Workspace (fka G Suite) pioneered multiplayer collaboration early on and is still a go-to platform for many. While it works well for smaller groups, managing airtight permissions for larger communities can be close to impossible. Until now.

With Guild, you can share Google folders and files with your community at scale, just as you would with individuals. The ability to grant community members gated access to docs, sheets, videos, folders, and more unlocks a new level of collaboration.


Points systems are a common feature in many online platforms, providing a way to gamify the user experience, track progress, and incentivize certain behaviors. This requirement makes it possible to integrate these gamification and tracking capabilities directly into the member's digital environment, making the experience more engaging and rewarding.


Guild forms can be created by the admins. Filling it out could make the member's voice heared in relation to certain topics and questions. Decision making can be handled by them and or just collecting information's about the member's experiences.


NFTs are unique digital assets that can represent ownership, proof of authenticity, and identities onchain. In the context of communities, they are great for creating a sense of membership and to identify, curate, and mark members on their journeys.

Guild powered NFTs give you a block to build on multiple chains like Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Base, and Mumbai (more chains coming). From creation to curation, all in one place.


Secret rewards are your new best friends for sharing exclusive content with your members. Secrets can be formatted texts, such as articles, single words, visuals, or codes = anything secret-y.

This reward type comes in two forms: either you share the same content with all eligible members, or unique values for each, like promo codes or private invite links.


POAPs are ERC-721 NFTs held by collectors as digital proof of attendance, participation, achievements or memberships in groups. At Guild, POAPs are special rewards for eligible members.

By dropping POAPs wit Guild, communities can have greater control over how their digital badges are distributed and used, through requirement combinations.

POAPs are available for admins at the "Add rewards" section after Guild creation.

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