3R: The Guild Model
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Requirements, Roles, Rewards

Guild's membership structure and core principles can be best described with our "3R model": Requirements, Roles, and Rewards. Essentially, you can "lock up” anything with Guild if you have the keys, which are the requirements.

  • Requirements can be onchain like tokens, NFTs, allowlists, POAPs, or off-chain like verifiable credentials, already existing roles, social activities and many more.

  • Roles are the unit, making up your Guild's membership structure, which is fully custom to every community. You can port these over for access into any other application.

  • Rewards are a form of access to something or ability to do something. In the form of access: to exclusive groups, content, tools, or means of communication such as Discord roles, Telegram groups, Github or Google Workspace. In the form of abilities: to be able to claim an NFT, grab a discount code, purchase merchandise or vote on a decision.

They are fully custom and free to mix and match across chains and solutions, creating unlimited combinations that make sense for your needs.

And to clarify a Guild means the entirety of your community. All the roles, sub-Guilds, working groups, pods are within your own Guild, because your Guild is not restricted to one platform but it's relevant across applications. Members can authenticate once, then get automatically updated access to everything they are eligible for!

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