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Make more onchain memories and show your support and belonging to the communities you are in with Guild Pins.

What are Guild Pins?

Pins are non-transferable NFTs, representing onchain memories of joining Guilds right from members’ wallets. They also serve as a building block for growth strategies, converting newbies into advocates across apps and even as filters for members in further campaigns, as seen by Linea.

Pins are soulbound tokens without holding any future financial value and can't be traded on secondary markets.

Collecting Pins

Currently, Pins are only available in limited Guilds, including Linea, Stargate Finance, Bebop, and Our Guild. We're gradually rolling it out with our partners and Guilds with interest.

The price of Pins is free. Guild currently takes a nominal minting fee. Check the different base fees per chains here.

Any member of a Pinned Guild can claim the community's Pin after getting at least one role. Learn how to mint Guild Pins and start building your own collection.

Pin Leaderboard

Pin's unique leaderboard shows the top 100 collectors who've minted the most Pins in the shortest time, signaling early shared experiences. It updates dynamically with each new Pin release and recalculates scores. Meaning that the more Pins are released, the better your chances of holding a spot on the leaderboard.

All Pins are ranked by time of minting, and your score depends on the rank and amount of Pins. If you mint early, your Pin has a lower rank, and you’ll get a higher score. The scoring system is segmented into slices, with the top 10 ranks earning the most points, followed by the next 90, then the next 900, and so on.

Early Minting = Lower Rank, More Pins = Higher Score

The ranking of Pins within each Guild is independent, meaning that you can have different ranks in different communities. For example, if your rank in 400 in Our Guild, you can still hold rank 5 in Trader Joe. The total score is calculated by adding up your scores from all Guilds.

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