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POAP Distribution with Guild
POAP Distribution with Guild
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What is a POAP?

POAPs are ERC-721 NFTs minted under the POAP smart contract. Each POAP is a digital record held by collectors as proof that they attended, participated in, or contributed to a physical or virtual event. They can also serve as tokens that qualify their collector for potential future utility.

Community building with POAP

POAPs are collectibles from issuers to collectors that acknowledge the non-material (and yet invaluable) contributions in the form of time, energy, attention, participation, goodwill, talent, and other forms of activity.

In community terms, POAPs are great incentives from builders and leads to recognize active members who've attended events, contributed valuable content or demonstrated leadership.

POAP Distribution with Guild

Utilizing Guild to create and drop POAPs gives projects greater control over how their collectibles are distributed and used within their communities.

POAPs are unique Guild rewards because:

  • Listed at the top of your roles and rewards

  • Have unique pages and Discord embed for claiming

  • Can be activated and deactivated anytime

  • Limited to the number of links you upload (with an option to add more)

Guild-gated POAP

Guild admins can secure POAP drops with unlimited requirement combinations using different logic gates, no matter what their goals are:

  • Entire community = free entries or payment requirements

  • Specific members = Guild or Discord roles, allowlists, tokens etc.

  • Event attendees = Discord voice participation (in minutes or %)

  • Extra sybil resistance = CAPTCHA, Gitcoin Passport and more

Adding requirements beyond free entries is recommended for fair POAP distributions amongst members and sub-communities while also verifying human collectors.

Learn how to drop a POAP as a Guild admin and how to mint a POAP as a member.

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