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Creating a Community Rewards Campaign - Guild's & Merchant Moe's Collaboration
Creating a Community Rewards Campaign - Guild's & Merchant Moe's Collaboration
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Short Summary

Partnering with Merchant Moe, Guild facilitated a Community Rewards Campaign, rewarding $MOE stakers and active community members. The campaign utilized Guild's Points Engine, introducing Moe Journey Points (MJP) rewarded for staking $MOE, attending community events, and participating in the Ambassadors Voyage program. Additionally, Journeymen NFTs were distributed based on MJP accumulation, with rewards for early adopters of The Journey. Leveraging Guild, Merchant Moe enhanced community engagement and highlighted the benefits of Guild's platform integration for web3 projects.

Introduction to Guild

Guild is a platform that facilitates platformless access management, empowering the creation of portable memberships and social structures across various online communities. Utilizing primitives such as Requirements, Roles, and Rewards, Guild allows for the integration of on-chain and off-chain criteria, enabling members to access gated areas and privileges across connected applications with a single role. By prioritizing interoperability and decentralization, Guild is leading the charge in web3 communities by focusing on interoperability and decentralization, and offering customizable membership structures and rewards that break down platform barriers, making it easier for people to interact and collaborate across different platforms.

About Merchant Moe, briefly

Merchant Moe stands as a haven for traders within the dynamic realm of DeFi on the Mantle Network, providing a robust and user-friendly decentralized exchange platform.

On Merchant Moe, you can participate in trading an extensive range of tokens, explore the lucrative landscape of yield farming, and unlock the potential of Liquidity Book. With their aspiration to become the central liquidity hub within Mantle's innovative ecosystem, Merchant Moe represents an ideal project to assess the potential benefits of partnering with Guild for any web3 projects.

Community Rewards Campaign

Loyalty and reward programs often encourage a sense of community and active participation among users, and the aim for Merchant Moe was no different. The Journey campaign intertwined with Merchant Moe’s captivating, narrative-driven community vibe. Its goal? To reward $MOE stakers and dedicated community members. This is where Guild came into the picture.

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, check out Merchant Moe's rundown on Season 2 of The Journey. While we'll also dig deep in our case study, their Substack summary gives you a sneak peek into their perspective, goals, and campaign ideas. In this case study, we’ll show you how they utilized Guild’s platform and features to perfection.

Utilizing Guild's Points Engine

A new reward system called Moe Journey Points (MJP) was introduced to reward the most active users.

This was made possible thanks to Guild Points Engine, with which anyone can build their own point system, and a leaderboard to track members' achievements.

1) Staking $MOE - where the staker roles follow a tiered system - offered chances to earn more MJP as you move up tiers with higher deposits.

2) Attending weekly community AMA calls was another way to earn MJP. Users only had to participate and verify their attendance to earn 50 MJP per AMA session.

3) Ambassadors Voyage - Last but not least, a core group of distinguished Moe community members who had a track record of voluntarily supporting, engaging, and sharing within the community had the chance to be rewarded 250 MJP weekly.

Each category had a campaign page on Guild, and all three had their own set of roles that could be accomplished to earn additional MJP. Weekly snapshots tracked the points that determined the final allocation of $MNT tokens, ensuring a seamless distribution process.

Journeymen NFT Rewards

With Guild, communities can create and dynamically reward custom soulbound tokens to members, aka drop NFTs. Merchant Moe rewarded users with the True Journeymen NFTs. Users could obtain these based on the amount of MJP they earned. Journeymen NFTs were categorized into Bronze (0-1k MJP), Silver (1-10k MJP), and Gold tier (10k+ MJP).

Using Guild, product owners can reward NFTs, but they might as well make a certain NFT a requirement for additional rewards, points, points boosts, other NFTs, or for many other things.

The OG MOE's

Not forgetting the early adopters, Merchant Moe wanted to benefit those who participated in the first season of The Journey. Firstly, they rewarded them with an OG Moe role on Guild (using Guild’s allowlist feature). Furthermore, these users received a 10% boost to their MJP’s earned throughout Season 2, made possible by Guild’s custom contract query requirement feature.

It's All In the Data

We have a way with words, but what do the numbers say?

Merchant Moe - at the time of writing this case study - has 11.2K Discord members. On the contrary, Merchant Moe’s Guild has 16K members. In terms of activity, in February 2024 - at the launch of The Journey Season 2 - their Guild had 15.3K unique visitors.

It’s safe to say that Merchant Moe’s community thrives more on Guild than on Discord.

Yeah, we can’t show everything. Wanna know why? The answer is Secret Roles.

It's a Wrap

By leveraging Guild's platform, Merchant Moe was able to enhance community engagement and reward active users through an innovative campaign called The Journey. As Merchant Moe continues to evolve as a central liquidity hub within the Mantle Network ecosystem, the success of their partnership with Guild serves as a testament to the potential benefits of integrating Guild's platform for web3 projects seeking to drive community growth and engagement.

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