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Requirements are the rules to qualify members for a role. Guild offers a wide range of requirements to choose from across 50+ chains and 30+ applications.  Requirements can be off- and onchain and as simple as connecting wallet addresses, being on allowlists, having a Discord role, or holding a single token.

Requirements are composable, allowing for logical reasoning across any number of them, regardless of whether they are on the same chain or stem from the same source. They are visible and editable for every Guild admin at any point.


NFTs are great for creating a sense of membership in your community. They can help identify, curate, and mark members on their journeys, highlighting your biggest and longest supporters.

NFTs don't have to be solely about financial incentives. There are many ways you can give utility to an NFT. For example, you can use it as a requirement to grant access or abilities to holders through Guild.

ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens are both supported.


Native coins and ERC-20 tokens are yet another powerful assets for building communities onchain. Tokens are commonly used for sharing ownership of entities and communities, but they can also have utility beyond financial incentives.

There are many ways you can give further utility to tokens, for example you can use them by amounts held on addresses or with a range of min-max intervals to target and activate your members.


Allowlists are a free way to manage membership tiers within the community even without launching a token or dropping an NFT.

Allowlists can be used to identify early adopters, build onchain governance without tokens, plan future airdrops, and more at the different stages of your community. Combining it with blockchain assets, made communities like @FWBtweets possible. But it’s not just for developers to use it effectively anymore.

Grant access or abilities by a simple requirement of being included in a list. Manage special access and roles safely with fully customizable allowlists, where you are in full control over who gets to be in your community.

Contract Query

Custom contract queries let you retrieve data from smart contracts. You can use them to get specific variable values or execute functions in a smart contract, like LP staking.

On any supported chain, "READ" functions are listed for all contracts, verified on Etherscan. Otherwise, you can manually input contract query data.

This requirement supports proxy contracts, which means that if a user specifies a contract address that has an implementation contract, all the available methods from that contract are listed on Guild.

Wallet Activity

Find your power users, high-volume traders and contract wizards, while protecting shared spaces from Sybils with wallet activity requirements. Create unique membership journeys based on your members’ blockchain activities, interests, and internet history.

Wallet-based actions include wallet age, transaction count, asset movement, and contract deployment - tracked on multiple chains.


Guild offers communities a flexible payment method to monetize through memberships, paid content and events, crowdfunding, and security measures. With this requirement, Guild admins can realize the actual earning power of communities and activate different levels in every member's unique journey.


Build on top of existing Guild roles, identify early adopters and power users across Guilds and create more complex membership layers. There are 4 requirement types:

  • Role: Member has a specific role in a Guild

  • Membership count: Member is a member of a minimum number of Guilds

  • Admin status: Member is a Guild admin with a minimum number of members

  • Account age: Member has been registered on Guild for a min. amount of time


CAPTCHAs are commonly used in online communities as a way to prevent Sybils and ensure legitimacy with humans only. Guild CAPTCHA comes in two forms:

  • CAPTCHA as Guild requirement: Serves as a simple Guild requirement that can only be completed on Guild pages. It can be tailored to fit specific needs by setting expiry periods and combining with other requirements.

  • CAPTCHA on Discord: Extra layer of verification activated by clicking the embedded join button on Discord. This type is independent of any Guild requirement.

Visit Link

Engaging with online resources is a key aspect of digital communication and learning. With this requirement you can encourage your members to visit your platform, so they can access more information about your project or community.


Email verification ensures, that you are the owner of the email address and with setting up an allowlist it can make sure that you are already in a communication with certain members.


Points systems are a common feature in many online platforms, providing a way to gamify the user experience, track progress, and incentivize certain behaviors. This requirement makes it possible to integrate these gamification and tracking capabilities directly into the member's digital environment, making the experience more engaging and rewarding.


Beyond the general requirements, we have 80+ integrations available on Guild for more complex membership structures across applications.

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