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Guild Points Engine & Leaderboard
Guild Points Engine & Leaderboard
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Bring more gamified experiences into the community and build your own point systems at scale. Introducing Guild Points Engine, a new lever to engage and reward your most active members and power users.

Using the Guild Points Engine, a Guild admin can create one or more point systems, which are powerful building blocks to create flexible, non-tokenized incentives and campaigns that can be altered over time to encourage active participation, contribution and growth.

In the Guild model, points can be:

Points are a great way to keep people engaged long-term, as they’re a tangible proof of reputation. Reward points to members for completing valuable actions or achieving certain milestones, supporting your success. For example, you may want to see more organic tweets, early adopters and advocates from the community.

Use points as requirements to build more advanced reward systems, motivating members to strive for higher levels of engagement and interactions in the community.

Your Points, your way

Whether you're exploring incentives or already rewarding people, having a point system for your Guild can be a great addition to other rewards or leveraged on their own. Points are:

  • interoperable with any other rewards, and

  • customizable with logos and names to match your brand.

Enabling multiple point systems within a Guild, each tailored to different strategies, like social growth or developer activation. For instance, granting 50 DEV points and access to a gated GitHub repo for developers, and 50 MOD points and unique Discord roles for community moderators based on their contributions.

We can go even further…

Guild Leaderboard

When you create a points system using Guild Points Engine, your Guild unlocks yet another powerful feature: Leaderboard.

Since points are a tangible measure of progress, leaderboards track members' achievements, signaling their level of engagement. While adding a fun and competitive element to Guilds, admins can also reward exclusive perks to members with the highest ranks. Ranging from alpha access to exclusive NFT minting and other valuable opportunities.

In the context of communities

Take some inspiration from our points pioneers:

  • Mantle: Points = Tickets for a week-long merch quest. The more tickets members collect, the better their chances of winning swags.

  • Trader Joe: Members can earn 'Joints' (Joe-Points) by unlocking roles in six verticals. Rewarding the top 10 on the leaderboard with a share of $JOE.

  • WalletConnect: Boosting Web3Inbox adoption while rewarding points to early adopters of onchain messaging in the community.

Get started

Learn how to set up a point system using the Guild Points Engine, and contact the team at Guild Support for extra help!

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