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Secret and Hidden Requirements, Roles, Rewards
Secret and Hidden Requirements, Roles, Rewards
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Guild's modular membership model, now combined with the visibility feature, unlocks next-level community operations for admins. With deeper customization, communities can create secret and hidden requirements, roles, and rewards. Secret means that they're visible only to admins and role holders, while hidden ones are only visible to admins.

Incorporating these elements into Guild structures, admins can incentivize members to engage more meaningfully, fostering a sense of accomplishment, belonging, and exploration. Since they are invisible to the public, they serve as building blocks for strategic and co-operational moves.

Visibility is a versatile tool for:

  • identifying and targeting groups within the community,

  • gathering actionable member insights,

  • increasing Sybil-resistance,

  • creating gamified member experiences,

  • experimenting with different structures and strategies,

  • and filtering members for further campaigns, as seen by Linea.

Think of secret and hidden requirements and roles as filters or labels for your team to use, rather than “tasks to be completed” for the community itself.

Visibility is currently available in limited Guilds, including Polygon, Linea, and Our Guild. If you have alpha access, learn how to set secret and hidden elements.

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