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Payment as Guild Requirement
Payment as Guild Requirement
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Guild offers communities a flexible payment method to monetize through memberships, paid content and events, crowdfunding, and security measures. With this requirement, Guilds can realize the earning power of communities and activate different levels in every member's unique journey.

Payment with composable requirements

The extended Guild Model offers modularity by allowing you to combine payments with anything in our ecosystem of supported chains and platform integrations.

Payments are available on Ethereum, Polygon, and Mumbai with multi-chain and -currency options. It's fully customizable to what the community actually needs to achieve its goals and sustain itself. Learn how to set payment as Guild requirement.

Here are some ideas we could do with this:

  • Memberships: Different requirements, discounts for early supporters or NFT holders to access groups and other rewards

  • Tickets: General admission, reserved seats, VIP passes, and more

  • Crowdfunding: Fundraise for communities and charities, activate with paid memberships, building treasuries

  • Allowlists: Pay to be on allowlists and get lists of members with specific roles

  • Derivatives: Claim new derivatives with requirements like owning the OG collection, following on Twitter and payment of a fee

  • E-commerce: Sell pre-ordered merchandise

  • Collectibles: Distribute digital collectibles to remember special events

Creators keep 90% of their revenue. Learn more about Guild Base Fee.

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