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Guild supports over 30 networks, including testnets like Base Testnet, ZetaChain Athens, Sepolia and Polygon Mumbai.

Why do supported networks matter?

By supporting a chain, Guild admins can use network-specific assets and custom contracts as requirements to create portable role structures. For example, ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum or contract queries on Base.

Multisig wallets also require supporting chains and associated contracts to interact on Guild.

How does it work?

It doesn't matter which supported chain you're connected to, as it's only used to identify your address and sign messages. Each network will work equally for that.

However, it is important to check on which chains the requirements are specified to qualify as a Guild member. You can identify them by a small icon next to the requirements, or check them on explorer.

Integration Process

Guild has a process in place to evaluate new integrations based on demand and other factors. To request support for new networks, contact our team on Discord.

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