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Our Guild is designed in a way to be an endless quest of finding roles and spaces that provide the most value to you. From Explorers, to Guilders, from Growers to Maxis there is much more to discover than meets the eye. Some realms open up for adventurers interested in community management, other realms are highly technical for devs.

Core Team

Centralized group of developers and non-tech builders behind Guild originating in Hungary from an IRL company. This layer is:

  • Guiding and cultivating the whole community,

  • Leading the development of Guild by vetoing decisions and most importantly,

  • Ensuring that there’s enough freedom to creatively pursue other activities and directions within Guild.


Active, helpful and insightful advocates of Our Guild, keeping our community values and vibes aligned and protected above all. A decentralised layer contributing remotely from anywhere in the world. These individuals have moved beyond just membership to become productive assets of the community. They are:

  • The community's explorers, eager advocates, evangelists and ambassadors,

  • The bridge between the core team, our members and the broader community,

  • Supporting the team with suggestions and new ways to work together.


The largest entity encompassing anyone who joined Our Guild. There are no gates to enter, and all are welcome to be part of the Guild community. Our members are highly encouraged to:

  • Participate in our activities, conversations,

  • Collaborate with other members to test and promote new ideas and opportunities for the community,

  • Experiment with new tools, features and give honest feedback wherever possible and share opinions as active users,

  • Suggest topics they would like to know more about and exchange relevant information they come across.

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