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Community Vision, Mission, and Values
Community Vision, Mission, and Values
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Vision & Mission

Our Guild is a curious collective of founders, builders and web3 infrastructure enthusiasts exploring together to drive the development of future internet communities.

We are here to create passionately together. To cultivate safe spaces for experimentation, failure, and learning. Helping each other with resources, open-source code, knowledge bases, and, most importantly, insights and experiences so that we can build together.

Core Values

The community’s foundation is baked into a shared mission and aligned values - things we already share and believe in at Our Guild:

  1. Building with passion: why do it otherwise?

  2. Collaboration through experimentation: working together and helping one another without being afraid of trials and errors

  3. Transparency, directness, and accountability: creating a healthy environment through clear and direct communication with everyone involved

  4. Empowerment and inclusivity: acting with responsibility for all

  5. Skill-sharing: cultivating consistent focus on experiential learning and development, fueled by curiosity

Our Goals

What the team brings to the community

We are at the forefront of new tools and infrastructure, aiming to help and educate other community builders with:

  1. Cutting-edge infrastructure and access management

  2. Space to explore and learn about community building and trustworthy tools

  3. Hub to connect with like-minded builders and other founders

  4. Opportunities to contribute to and get involved in web3 on a deeper level

What the community brings to Guild

Our community plays an equally important role as we do in achieving our goals by:

  1. Testing new Guild features and providing honest feedback

  2. Exploring new projects and tools, sharing insights with the community

  3. Contributing to Our Guild on our quest to make web3 more user-friendly

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