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Gitcoin Passport as Guild Requirement
Gitcoin Passport as Guild Requirement
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Partnered with Gitcoin Passport to empower Guilds to protect their communities from bots and Sybils, ensuring their integrity and authenticity. Explore how our integration addresses challenges in interoperability and trust for online communities.

Gitcoin Passport

Gitcoin Passport is an open-source identity verification protocol that has enabled communities to build a more trustworthy and secure web3 ecosystem. It offers a solution to verify the identity and trustworthiness of users in web3 communities.

Users can collect verifiable credentials, called stamps, from various identity providers in web2 and web3 sources, proving their real identity and reputation. The combination of stamps in a user's Passport can generate a "trust score", aiding project owners and developers in assessing user trustworthiness.

Passport as Guild Requirement

Integrated into Guild, having a Gitcoin Passport and weighted scores can be used as requirements to build roles and community strategies around.

Beyond having a Passport, the default weighted scorer, called Unique Humanity Score, offers communities more granular and intuitive ways to design Sybil resistance. For instance, Passports can serve as entry requirements to join a community, while holders with a higher score can access further abilities and groups within the community.

To evaluate a user's unique humanity in web3 apps, each Passport stamp is assigned a weight based on its importance in assessing the holder's unique humanity. These weights are used in an algorithm that calculates the Passport holder's score. More details: Passport Documentation

Growing Trust with Portable Reputation

This integration enables users to carry their reputation or social capital from Gitcoin Passport to multiple communities using Guild across applications and networks. Building trust, interoperability and efficiency within communities onchain.

Learn how to set Gitcoin Passport as Guild requirement and join the Gitcoin Passport Guild for updates and help from the team.

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