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Guild is the infrastructure for platformless access management. With Guild, you can connect multiple wallets and social accounts for requirement checks, enabling seamless account management to qualify for roles and rewards.

Your Guild account consists of your connected addresses and socials that you can manage and share with communities at any time. Details: Privacy for Members


Like any other web3 application, you can log into Guild with your wallet. You can connect as many as you like for maximum flexibility. By connecting multiple addresses, Guild can check your assets and other onchain actions in all of them that are needed to get your roles. Without you having to worry about which wallet or chain they are on.

Guild supports many Ethereum wallets including software and hardware wallets:

Guild doesn't have, and won't ask for access to your private key. Connecting your wallet and signing messages only validates ownership of the address.

Social IDs

Guild manages access across all connected platforms. To do this securely, Guild requires you to connect a social account from each platform you wish to get access to or need to check requirements from.

This way, Guild can verify which social account belongs to you and automatically check for requirements, manage your roles and grant you access to rewards. Each platform requires a different set of permissions to grant for Guild, clearly displayed when connecting new accounts.

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