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How to join a Guild
How to join a Guild on
How to join a Guild on
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Learn how to join a Guild on by following our video and guide below.

1. Navigate to the Guild and click 'Join Guild to get roles'

Access Guilds directly through their URL or from the Guildhall, showing only non-hidden Guilds. If you've already connected your wallet and accounts but don't meet requirements, the button is disabled.

2. Connect wallet and verify account

Connect your address to check eligibility for joining the Guild. Sign a message to verify ownership of your wallet. Details: Wallets & Social Accounts

3. Connect social accounts

Required step to access or check requirements from platforms like Discord or Telegram. Social accounts and wallets can be managed under your Guild account top right corner. Details: Wallets & Social Accounts

4. Check access to join

Connecting accounts is only for initial eligibility check based on the requirements.

5. Access your Guild rewards

Congrats! You're now part of a Guild. Access rewards unlocked by your Guild roles and let others know as well by sharing it on Twitter.

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