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How to check access for requirements
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Clicking on the access check means that our system will review if you can fulfill the requirements to get the roles, and it sends out the rewards if necessary. You can find the access check in two places:

Re-check accesses & send reward

You can check all your accesses by clicking on the “Re-check accesses & send rewars. It will check every requirement and role to make sure you can fulfill them and send out the rewards if necessary.

Re-check role access & send reward

The Re-check role access also reviews all the requirements and roles in the given guild and sends out the aquired rewards.

If you had the role previously, but after the access check you lose it, probably you do not fulfill the requirements anymore.

If you see the following triangle icon, move your cursor over it. You will be able to read the error message. If you click on the little circle with arrows, that will check the requirement again. If you are still facing issues, please contact Guild Support.

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