How to export Guild members
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Create exportable snapshots of your members' wallet addresses based on their Guild roles, and use them for future allowlists and community strategies.

Learn how to export Guild members by following our guide.

1. Navigate to your Guild and scroll down to 'Members'

Access your Guild directly through its URL or from the Guildhall, showing only non-hidden Guilds. If you don't have a Guild yet, click to create.

2. Click 'Export members'

You can also get your members list via our API. Details: Guild API & SDK.

3. Select roles to export members of

Choose one or mix and match multiple roles to export to a single allowlist. Copy or download addresses as a .csv file.

4. Your Guild members are exported

Congrats on exporting your members! Use them for allowlists to unlock further access and abilities in your community, or include in strategies.

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