How to transfer Guild ownership
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Pass the torch and transfer your Guild ownership. Whether you’re resigning or co-leading, stay an admin to ensure a smooth transition and that knowledge isn't lost in the process.

Learn how to transfer Guild ownership by following our guide.

1. Navigate to your Guild and click the gear icon

Access your Guild directly through its URL or from the Guildhall, showing only non-hidden Guilds. If you don't have a Guild yet, click to create.

2. Go to 'Security' and click 'Transfer ownership'

You can also add more Guild admins in this section.

3. Add address to transfer to

Paste the wallet addresses you want as the next Guild owner. Only a Guild member can be set as owner, make sure they're part of your Guild.

4. Your Guild ownership is transferred

Congrats on adding a new Guild owner! You still have admin rights to make changes in your Guild, except for deleting it. Owner can remove admins anytime.

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