Guild Activity for Admins
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Get more transparency into what’s happening in your Guild, and stay in the loop as a community lead with Guild Activity. Track the recent actions of your members and admins, and gain valuable insights for smoother operations and future strategies.

Guild Activity allows you to:

  • gather actionable member insights,

  • better support members’ journeys,

  • and oversee Guild management with more admins.

The Activity log has multiple filters to use and combine for more complexity. Admins can filter by specific users, roles, and rewards, and different actions like ’create role’ or ‘update requirement’.

Currently, admins can see Guild logs from the last 24 hours, and there are plans to expand the access to a 30-day view. The extended dashboard will be available in an upgraded Guild plan, launching later this year. For more details, contact the team at Guild Support.

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