How to mint a Guild Pin
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Make more onchain memories and show your support and belonging to the communities you are in with Guild Pins. Be amongst the top collectors and spot yourself on the Leaderboard.

Learn how to mint a Pin by following our guide below.

1. Navigate to your Guild and click 'Join Guild to get roles'

Access Guilds directly through their URL or from the Guildhall, showing only non-hidden Guilds. If you've already connected your wallet and accounts but don't meet requirements, the button is disabled.

2. Click 'Mint Guild Pin'

Any member of a Pinned Guild can claim the Pin after getting at least one role.

3. Mint NFT

Check chain and your balance before minting. Make sure there is enough balance for minting fee and gas to claim Pin.

4. Your Guild Pin is minted

Congrats on your new Pin! It's safely stored onchain and added to your collection.

5. Check collection

Find your collected Pins in your Guild account, signaling belonging to communities.

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