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How to set Gitcoin Passport as Guild requirement
How to set Gitcoin Passport as Guild requirement
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Have more Sybil-resistance and security over who you allow into your communities with Gitcoin Passport as Guild requirement. Ensure members' authenticity based on their passport credentials and unique humanity scores.

Learn how to set Gitcoin Passport as Guild requirement by following our guide below.

1. Navigate to your Guild and create a new role or edit an existing one

Access your Guild directly through its URL or from the Guildhall, showing only non-hidden Guilds. If you don't have a Guild yet, click to create.

2. Click 'Add requirement' and select 'Gitcoin Passport'

Find our integrations listed below the general requirements. Combine with other requirements and logic gates for more complexity.

3. Choose requirement type

Choose what type of verification you want to use: (1) Have a Gitcoin Passport or (2) Weighted Scorer = threshold for users' Passport scores based on weights assigned to stamps. Default scorer: Unique Humanity Score

4. Your Gitcoin Passport role is added to your Guild

Congrats on your new role with Gitcoin requirement! Edit, and export members anytime.

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