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Wallet & Account Management FAQ
Wallet & Account Management FAQ
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Is it safe to connect my wallet on Guild?

Yes. Connecting your wallet only validates ownership of the address. It does not give Guild permission to perform transactions or allow withdrawals from your wallet.

Why do I need to sign a message to connect my wallet?

Signing confirms that you are the owner of the wallet. It is a safe, gas-less transaction that does not permit Guild to carry out transactions with your wallet.

Can I link multiple wallet addresses on Guild?

Yes. Once you connect your wallet, you can link multiple addresses to your Guild account.

Can I change my connected addresses and social accounts?

Yes. You can (un)link wallet addresses and (dis)connect social accounts anytime.

Multiple addresses can be linked together, but only one social account of each type, like Discord or Telegram, can be connected to your Guild account.

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