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There are some necessary discord bot permissions that are essential for ensuring the correct operation. Some permissions are built on each other, so in many cases, even if you only remove one necessary permission, you may be limiting the operation of several others.

Must have:

  • Manage Roles: It adds and removes Discord roles to and from users.

Should have, but:

  • Manage Server: This is necessary to list the invites on the server, so it doesn't always have to generate new ones. It also protects the rate limit.

  • Create Invite: The bot creates an invite if you do not provide one manually, and it does not find one created by itself on the server.

You can avoid adding these permissions, if you create a unique invite link and add it in the setting of the discord reward.

You can reach that by clicking on the three dot next to the Discord reward card and choosing the "Setting" option.

Good to have:

  • Manage Channels: When sending a Discord button, the default option is to create a new channel and send the Join button there.

  • Send Messages: This is necessary to send the join button.

  • Embed Links: This is necessary for the join button message.

  • Add Reactions & Use External Emoji: It is needed when the bot presses heartface and guild emojis on the join button.

If you do not add the "Good to have" permission you will not be able to send out the join button, which you can find by clicking on the three dot next to the Discord reward.

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