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How to guildify Discord roles
How to guildify Discord roles
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Guildifying roles allows communities to turn already existing Discord roles into Guild roles without creating duplicates. Further manage and grant roles and accesses, even if they were previously given by other bots or your team.

Learn how to guildify Discord roles by following our video and guide below.

1. Navigate to your Guild and click 'Add Role'

Access your Guild directly through its URL or from the Guildhall, showing only non-hidden Guilds. If you don't have a Guild yet, click to create.

2. Click 'Edit' at Discord reward and select role

Choose Discord role to guildify. Existing role holders on the server won't lose access. The option to remove them is coming soon.

3. Set requirements

Combine off- and onchain requirements like allowlists, tokens, participation and wallet activities, using different logic gates for more complexity.

4. Your guildified role is added to your Guild

Congrats on your new guildified role! Edit, and export members anytime.

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