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How to set Uniswap V3 Positions as Guild requirement
How to set Uniswap V3 Positions as Guild requirement
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Uniswap is a decentralized exchange where you can provide liquidity in 10+ chains. With this requirement, you are able to incentivize your community to provide liquidity on a specific token.

1. Let's start with your guild page.

Click on "Add role" and as usual fill out the general information. Additionally you can change the visibility details of the role as with any other one.

2. Add a requirement

Click on the "Add requirement" and scroll down for the "Integrations". To add this requirement, you should choose the "Uniswap" option.

3. Requirement setup

Pick the Chain you would like to use, as you can see we have multiple options.

4. Copy URL link

You can either choose a pool in Uniswap on the Explorer Page, or from a Position.

5. Paste URL link

Go back to the guild and paste the previously copied link or address to relevant place.

6. Currency

Select a base currency to set as the minimum requirement. In this example, the options are WETH and ONCHAIN.

7. Position to count

Choose which position you would like to be counted. It can be full range, in range and any range. We suggest you to use the full range, as that is the best liquidity.

Full range: Count only full-range positions

In range: Count positions, which have a price-range surrounding the current price

Any range: Count all the positions with any price-range

8. Minimum amount

Add the minimum amount you would like the members to hold in the previously choosen Base currency to fulfill the requirement for the role.

9. All set up

You are all set up, the requirement should be visible in your guild page. If you click on the "Add Liquidity" under the name of the requirement, the link should direct you to the action page of Uniswap. We automatically filled in every necessary information.

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