Guild verification process
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In an increasingly digital world, verification is a crucial step in ensuring the trustworthiness and reliability of projects. When it comes to guild verification, we try to be as precise as possible with our process, because we highly value the safety of our users.

What does a verified guild mean?

When a guild is verified, it means that we have established contact with the project leaders. We know them personally, or have had video calls with them, and can confidently say the guild is not a scam. It also means that the guild is already complete and has a running system of memberships and quests.

The Verification Process

Background Check

Verification starts with a background check to confirm the project's authenticity based on factors like verified social accounts on X, Discord, Telegram, Crunchbase or Farcaster etc., further reinforcing the project's legitimacy.

Guild Completion

We only verify guilds when they're fully built out and customized. This ensures that the guild has a substantial presence and is dedicated to its mission. There is no minimum limit to the number of required members.

Public Launch

It is needed that you already have a running project, meaning that you publicly announced your guild on social platforms, eg. X, Farcaster, Discord, Telegram, Mirror article, newsletter etc.

Form Submission

Only the owner or admin of the guild can send the form for the sake of transparency. This avoids confusion and ensures that the verification request comes from a reliable source. Please make sure to include every necessary information.

We reserve the right to evaluate all cases. We are not obligated to justify our rejections, and we maintain the authority to revoke any verified badges at any given time.

Reporting Suspicious Guilds

Your safety is our top concern. While we routinely monitor new guilds, we've elevated security measures by excluding unverified guilds from the explorer. If a guild appears dubious, report it promptly by generating a ticket through the message icon located at the lower right of our website.

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