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We believe that controlling your data should be easy. With this feature, you will have improved control over your Guild profile and the ability to share it with your communities for more personalized experiences. We are introducing new privacy settings for members and providing actionable community insights for Guilds.

How it works?

With the introduction of Guild Members [link coming soon], members now have the opportunity to share their profiles with Guilds they are part of.

Once Guild Members is enabled in a community, existing members will receive a notification to review and manage privacy changes in their account modal. For newcomers, a message will pop up prompting them to share their profile with admins.

The notification will appear once, and members can check and adjust their privacy settings at any time in their Guild account. Allowing to conveniently make changes based on needs and preferences, Guild by Guild.

Unlocking opportunities

Being part of a Guild holds more potential than we’ve leveraged before. Guilds with deeper understanding of members' interests and internet history can bring more personalized perks to individuals with shared profiles. Members can unlock tailored rewards and unique opportunities within the community. Nothing but customized experiences that go beyond the ordinary, all while preserving privacy.

Your profile will only be accessible to Guilds where you've decided to share it.

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