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How to drop a POAP with Guild
How to drop a POAP with Guild
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Guild offers communities a flexible yet secure way to create and drop POAPs with any combination of requirements.

Learn how to distribute a POAP with Guild by following our guide below.

1. Navigate to your Guild and click 'Add reward'

Access your Guild directly through its URL or from the Guildhall, showing only non-hidden Guilds. If you don't have a Guild yet, click to create.

2. Select 'POAP'

POAP as reward is available after the Guild creation flow. Summon your Guild and click 'Add reward' afterwards to access POAP.

3. Create new POAP or import existing

Set POAP data to create a new drop or import an existing one with Event ID.

4. Set requirements

Secure POAP drops with off- and onchain requirements like allowlists, tokens, participation and payments. This is an optional but suggested step.

5. Upload mint links

Upload links as a .txt file or copy-paste them. Minting links will be sent by the POAP Curation Body after drop approval via email. You can upload more afterwards.

6. Activate POAP

Activate with or without a Discord claim embed. Guild members can mint POAPs from a claim embed sent to your server. Activated POAPs will be visible in your Guild and have unique mint pages. Deactivate and reactivate them anytime.

7. Your POAP drop is created

Congrats on your new POAP drop! Add more mint links, de/reactivate drop, edit POAP data and change requirements at any time until expiration.

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