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POAP Distribution with Guild FAQ
POAP Distribution with Guild FAQ
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Can I create a new POAP drop in my Guild?

No, it is currently not an option.

Can I drop an existing POAP in my Guild?

Yes. Import your POAP by pasting its ID when creating a POAP drop in your Guild. This way, your POAP data will be filled in automatically.

Where is my POAP Event ID?

You can find your Event ID:

  1. POAP confirmation email

  2. Drop details on the POAP website (link in the email)

Can I set requirements for claiming POAPs?

Yes. POAPs are unique Guild rewards that can have any requirements set by admins to secure them. This is an optional (but recommended) step.

Who can claim POAPs distributed in my Guild?

POAPs are special Guild rewards that eligible members can claim, depending on the set requirements. General requirement: "connect wallet" (free entry)

Can I request more mint links through Guild?

This feature is not available yet. However, you can still upload extra links after creating the drop. To get more codes, request them through POAP with your edit code you received in your email.

Where can I distribute POAPs with Guild?

Guild-gated POAPs have their unique mint pages and Discord embeds for claiming. To distribute them without sending claim embeds to a Discord channel, you can share your Guild's URL in the community.

Can I edit already created POAP drops?

Yes. You can always go back and edit your POAP data in the “Manage POAP” panel in your Guild, and change the requirements set. The only thing that cannot be changed is the POAP artwork.

Can I activate and deactivate my POAP?

Yes. You can activate, deactivate and reactivate your POAPs anytime at your Guild rewards til expiry date.

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