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POAP Distribution [FAQ]
POAP Distribution [FAQ]
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Can I create a new POAP drop in my Guild?

Yes! On, you can create a POAP drop in a few steps, request and then easily distribute mint links in your community as a Guild owner/admin. Find more info about
POAP distribution with

Can I drop an already existing POAP in my Guild?

Yes! You can import your POAP to by pasting its ID when creating a POAP drop in your guild. In this case, your POAP data will be filled in automatically. Learn how to drop a POAP with

Where is my POAP Event ID?

You can find your Event ID in the “New POAP Drop created” confirmation email you’ve received from the POAP team after creating the POAP + at your drop details on (link found also in the email)

Is it possible to set requirements for claiming POAPs?

Yes! When a Guild is already created, POAPs act as reward platforms and Guild admins can set any requirements for how badges are earned and rewarded amongst members. Find more info about POAP distribution with

This is an optional step in the POAP distribution flow.

Who can claim POAPs distributed by the bot?

POAPs distributed by the bot can only be claimed by Guild members who meet the requirements (if there's any set).

Can I request more mint links on

This feature is not yet available on our platform, but you can still upload the extra links you request after creating the drop. If you want more codes, you can request them on the POAP Admin panel with the edit code you’ve received in the “New POAP Drop created” confirmation email.

Is it possible to distribute POAPs outside of a Discord channel?

Yes! Since POAPs are Guild rewards, members can get their mint links on Guild pages. If you don't want to send claim embeds to a Discord channel, you can share your Guild's URL in the community instead. Note: This method of distribution is still tied to Discord, users will need to connect their wallet address and Discord account to receive the mint links.

Can I edit an already created POAP drops?

Yes! You can always go back and edit your POAP data in the “Manage POAP” panel in your guild. The only thing that cannot be changed is the POAP artwork. Once you’ve chosen an image, you cannot change it after the POAP creation.

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