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Guild Creation & Management FAQ
Guild Creation & Management FAQ
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How many platforms can I add to a Guild?

You can add unlimited rewards to your Guild, including Discord servers, Telegram groups, Google files, GitHub repositories, unique secrets/links, NFTs and POAPs.

Can I create multiple Guilds on a platform?

No. Only one Guild can be created per Discord server, Telegram group, GitHub repository and Google file.

Does Guild bot need admin rights on Discord?

No. It doesn't require admin permissions. However, it still needs all listed rights to function properly.

Can I add more Guild admins?

Yes. Guild owners can add multiple admins at the "Edit Guild" section by adding wallet addresses. Only Guild owners have the permission to manage Guild admins.

Can I transfer Guild ownership?

Yes. Guild owners can transfer ownership to any member at the "Edit Guild" section.

Which chains are supported on Guild?

Guild supports 50+ different networks, including testnets like Base and ZetaChain Athens and  Polygon Mumbai.

Can I export my Guild members' addresses?

Yes. You can export lists of member addresses based on their roles using Guild's Member Exporter, found at your Guild members.

Do members automatically get more roles if they meet requirements after joining?

Yes. Guild members receive more roles and rewards as they become eligible. Members can also re-check their accesses manually by clicking the refresh button at Guild rewards.

What if Guild members no longer meet requirements?

We're listening to blockchain events and revoking access to roles and rewards from members who no longer meet the requirements.

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