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Guild Creation & Management [FAQ]
Guild Creation & Management [FAQ]
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How many platforms can I gate within a guild?

The possibilities to gate multiple platforms within a guild are unlimited. Once you’ve created your guild, you can add as many platforms/rewards as you want, choosing from Discord servers, Telegram groups, Google Workspace files and GitHub repositories in the moment.

Is it possible to create multiple guilds on a Discord server?

No, you can only create one guild on a Discord server.

Do I have to grant admin rights to the bot on Discord?

No, Guild's Discord bot no longer requires admin privileges.

Note: For proper functionality, it is important that all listed rights are granted to the bot when adding to server.

Can I add more admins to my guild?

Yes! It’s possible to have multiple guild admins. To do this, you can either add addresses or choose from guild members on your “Edit Guild” panel.

Note: Only guild owners are able to add or remove admins, other admins doesn’t have permission to do that.

Which networks are supported on Guild?

Currently there are 20+ different supported blockchains on You can find more up-to-date info here: Supported Networks

I want to get my guild members’ addresses, how can I do this?

You can do this by using the member exporter in your guild. You have the option to export the list of addresses as a a .txt file or copy them to the clipboard.

Do guild members automatically get more roles if they meet requirements for other roles over time after they first join the guild?

Yes! If a member becomes eligible for more roles after joining a guild, the bot automatically assigns those roles to them and give them access to the rewards associated with the roles.

What happens when a member doesn’t satisfy the requirements anymore to roles in my guild?

We’re listening to blockchain events so if a guild member doesn’t meet the requirements to roles, our bot revoke accesses to those rewards associated with the roles and remove them from the user on the platforms.

It says “couldn’t check access” at the requirement(s). What should I do?

If you encounter this error message in your guild:

  1. Check whether you set up the requirement type(s) correctly: In case of ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, check if the contract you have specified is compliant with the standards, especially if it has a balanceOf method, because without it can't be checked!

  2. If it’s correct: please contact the support team. These problems can occur for a variety of reasons, such as third-party API / Guild issues.

Why I got "MISSING_PERMISSIONS" error when updating a role?

If you encounter this error message in your guild:

  1. Check if the bot have those necessary permissions that are shown when you inviting the bot to your server.

    Please don't remove any permissions from the bot we checked which permissions we really need to function properly.

  2. Make sure the role for the bot is above the roles you want to be managed by Guild.

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