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Contributors are the backbone of the community so we want to empower everyone to create and collaborate as much as it fits! Take a quick look at the two contribution guilds we created for non-tech builders, web3 enthusiasts and learn about how you can get involved below.

1. Summoners: Community/Operations Guild

  1. Organising, operating events on Discord, Twitter or IRL:

    1. Chill hangouts, weekly talks

    2. Journal clubs about news/articles/books/interesting topics,

  2. Leading community calls about different topics on Discord,

  3. Writing notes on the calls, meetings,

  4. Taking over the operation of contests, quiz nights & other similar activities,

  5. Managing journal club booklists, Spotify playlists etc.

2. Bards: Content Guild

  1. Writing long form content, e.g. Guild-related Mirror articles, guides, newsletters

  2. Writing short form content, e.g. Guild-related Twitter threads, single posts

  3. Creating infographs, internal docs about Guild

Incentives & Responsibilities

Initially, contributions are made on an individual and occasional basis, with the opportunity to earn rewards such as POAPs, NFTs, and more. As you demonstrate your value and dedication, you will have the chance to take on open bounties and potentially become a core contributor on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on your level of commitment.

As a contributor, you are responsible for the work you give out of your hands, so are we as the core team. It’s the responsibility of the team to uphold the values and goals of Guild.

To ensure fairness and consistency in evaluating contributions, our team has implemented a work-evaluation system: If there are any issues or discrepancies with your work, we’ll always reach out to discuss and try to find a resolution. However, if a consensus cannot be reached by us together, sadly it may be necessary to start the off-boarding process.

Get Involved

No matter what level of participation you're planning on, we're happy to have you on board. If you are passionate about web3 and want to contribute to Guild, click and submit your application here today!

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