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Contributors are the backbone of the community, and our goal is to encourage everyone to create and collaborate as much as it fits. For that, we have two contribution Guilds waiting for non-tech builders and web3 citizens to get involved in Our Guild.

Summoners, the Community Operations Guild

  1. Organizing events on Discord, Twitter or IRL

    1. Hangouts and weekly discussions

    2. Journal clubs covering news, articles, books, and interesting topics

  2. Running contests, quiz nights, and other activities

  3. Managing community resources, content pages

  4. Creating event notes

Bards, the Content Guild

  1. Writing long form content like Guild-related articles, guides, newsletters

  2. Writing short form content like Guild-related Twitter threads, single posts

  3. Creating infographics, visuals and internal documents about Guild

Incentives & Responsibilities

Initially, contributors are incentivized through non-financial rewards as collectibles, recognition and more opportunities within our community, closely with the team. As you show your value and dedication over time, becoming a core contributor opens up for you. Either on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on your level of commitment.

As a contributor, you're responsible for your work, just like the core team. We're responsible for upholding Guild values and goals together. To ensure fairness and consistency in evaluating contributions, we've implemented an internal system for this purpose.

Get Involved

Join us at any level of participation! If you're passionate about communities and web3 infrastructures and want to contribute to Guild, contact us on Discord. We'll help you find your way with our Knights.

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